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Gaylord Area Jaycees
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From the President - August 2002

Hi All!

What a month this has been! We started the month off with a bang at convention. The chapter came home wit a TON of awards. Great job everyone who participated in these projects and helped make these awards possible. Traci, Mariah and I had a blast at convention, but then again, dont we always?

This weekend was our garage sale. Thanks to everyone who helped set up, sort, clean up and work the sale. It was a lot of hard work. I am a little disappointed in the people who said they would be coming to work and did not show. I like to think of our chapter as a big vehicle and we are all tires. When one tire goes flat, the vehicle doesnt drive right and the other tires have to do more than their fair share.

On tap for the rest of the year is finishing off our Gaylordopoly, Family Fright Night, Save our Community Center and Wine Tasting. More info on these projects can be found elsewhere in the newsletter.

Election time is coming quickly. On Saturday, September 28, Gaylord will be hosting the Region A Meet the Candidates. This gives all chapter members the opportunity to hear what people running for offices at state level have to say. AT our October GMM, all members in attendance will be voting by secret ballot for the members that they would like to hold office. I will keep the ballots until

Friday night at October convention. On Friday night, I will be choosing two members in attendance to be our delegates and vote Saturday morning. The delegates will be counting the votes and should vote the way of the membership.

Also at our October GMM, we will be holding local elections. We hold the elections in October so new board members can work with the people who hold their position this year and get a feel for the job before they officially take office January 1.

More info on Meet the Candidates and local elections can be found elsewhere in the newsletter.

For those of you who have been giving your heart and soul to the Jaycees, thank you. We would not be here without you. Those of you who we havent seen in a while, let me know what you are interested in or what we can do to get you out with us. This organization is too much fun and too rewarding just to sit on the sidelines!


2002 President

Gaylord Area Jaycees
PO Box 434
Gaylord, MI  49734