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Gaylord Area Jaycees
Board Minutes - February 2002


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Board Minutes - February 2002

Gaylord Area Jaycees

Board Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2002

Lori called the meeting to order at 8:45 PM.

Present: Lori Dobosy, Secretary/Treasurer; AmySue Groters, IDVP; Traci Klein, Membership VP; Matt Smith, Management VP

Lori opened the meeting by notifying the board that Mariah has resigned her position as Community VP. It was discussed that a large part of the Community VPs duties fall underneath the duties of the Management and Membership VPs. Motion by Matt, second by Traci, that we Traci and Matt will fill the position of Community VP until a qualified replacement can be found. All in favor. None opposed.

Nominations have been made by email to appoint Lori Dobosy as president. Matt and AmySue made motions via email and Traci made a second via email. Norm Cohrs also offered his full support to Lori as president via email. Motion by Matt, second by Traci, to appoint Lori president based on email votes. All in favor. None opposed.

At this point, Traci swore Lori in as president then Lori officially swore Matt in as Management VP.

Lori suggested we ask Wendi Percha if she is interested in becoming the new secretary. The board agreed. Lori will contact Wendi.

The proposed bylaws were presented. Motion by Matt, second by Traci, to present the bylaws to the general membership as presented. All in favor. None opposed.

The proposed chapter plan was presented. Motion by Traci, second by Matt, to accept the chapter plan as presented. All in favor. None opposed.

AmySue joined the meeting at this point. Matt swore her in officially as IDVP.

Lori informed us that in order to complete the paperwork for Blue Chip, we needed to complete a member survey. A survey was devised and the membership was split up between the board members. Each board member will be responsible for getting the survey information from 4-5 members. Lori will get everyone a copy of the survey on Monday.

Lori will be doing a CPG/SPE/Chairperson training for the membership. This training will take place before the March GMM on March 7 at 6:15.

It was also decided that we will start having our board meeting directly after our GMMs starting March 7.

Lori informed the board that Region A Director, Cheryl Jasman, is planning on having a region meeting the same night as Alpenas GMM on March 4. All board members were encouraged to attend the region meeting as well as the GMM as a chapter visit.

Motion by AmySue, second by Lori, to adjourn the meeting. All in favor. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned 9:45 PM

Respectfully Submitted:



Lori D. Dobosy



Gaylord Area Jaycees
PO Box 434
Gaylord, MI  49734