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Gaylord Area Jaycees
March 2002


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March 2002

Gaylord Area Jaycees

General Membership Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2002

Lori called the meeting to order at 7:07 PM.

Present: Norm Cohrs, Lori Dobosy, Kristen Evans, AmySue Groters, Traci Klein, Sally Kuzmik, Matt Smith

Introductions were made. Lori updated the membership on some board changes that have happened since last meeting. The board appointed Lori president. This left the positions of Secretary and Treasurer open. Wendi Percha agreed to take the position of Secretary, however, she will not be able to attend the next few GMMs do to prior commitments so Lori will continue these duties for the time being. Treasurer still remains open. If anyone is interested in the position, please let Lori know. Until a treasurer is found, Matt and Lori will be signers on the account. Mariah resigned as Community VP. If anyone is interested in the position, please let Lori know. In the meantime, Traci will fill in as Community VP.

Motion by Matt, second by Sally, to accept the minutes of the February GMM as printed in the newsletter. All in favor. None opposed.

Lori presented the treasurers report. We ended the month with $138.58. Motion by Traci, second by Matt, to accept the treasurers report.

Wendi was not present to present a newsletter editors report. Lori reminded everyone that the newsletter deadline is the 15th and that anyone can submit anything to the newsletter including jokes, games or an article on themselves.

We had a small awards presentation to show off the awards we won at convention. Our big trophy was won for obtaining the most points in the 30 and Under Parade of Chapters. We won single project awards for Family Fright Night and the November Social CPGs. Lori won an award for meeting Treasurer and Management VP incentives for the 4th quarter. 2nd Degree of Jaycee was achieved by Traci, Wendi, Sally and Lori and 3rd Degree by Mariah. The chapter also received its Clue Chip status.

Matt presented his Management VP report. He didnt have too much to say except that plans for the dances were falling into place.

IDVP, AmySue, reported that she is planning some IDs to include a wine tasting, a job fair and a project for the community as well as Jaycees where she will charge to bring people to her work and teach them about design. Things are also coming along well for the St. Patricks Day Parade.

Membership VP Traci reported we are 2 members down from where we wanted to be for the year. She is trying to contact Josh Lucas and his fiancée to see if they are interested. AmySue also has a few people se is trying to recruit. We gained one new member in February, Bob Sellers.

Chairman of the Board, Norm just told us we are doing great.

Moving on to old business, Lori made sure everyone received a copy of the proposed bylaws and checked to see if anyone had any changes. Motion by Matt, second by Norm, to adopted the proposed bylaws and policies as presented.

Traci reported on the middle school dance. A CPG has been written and things are progressing well. The next dance will be Friday, March 22 from 8-10 PM at the Community Center. Matt has agreed to secure pop and AmySue will work on the flyer.

AmySue reported more on the St. Patricks Day float. She will be painting a logo on a topper that goes on a pick up truck and we will decorate the back of the truck with a St. Patricks Day theme. We will also hand out Jaycees brochures and candy along the parade route. Norm asked if we had made any Jaycee t-shirts yet. We have not made any t-shirts yet, but it was the consensus that we work to have t-shirts made by Alpenfest.

Matt reported on the web site. He is having trouble finding a free provider that doesnt make our address really long. Norm suggested he check out the Michigan Jaycees web site to see what providers other chapters use. It was also suggested that he contact AmySues boyfriend Ravi or Sallys boyfriend Frank, as they both work in the computer industry.

Moving on to new business, Lori presented a started CPG for the garage sale. The main idea is to collect items from the community as well as Jaycees to sell. The garage sale will be held at the Community Center so weather will not be a problem. Matt suggested we run the project around the time of spring city pickup. AmySue, Norm and Kris volunteered for this committee.

Lori then presented a started CPG for a Gaylord Monopoly-style game. The way the game would work is that we sell advertising for all the squares on the board. The advertising then pays for the production of the game. We set the price to sell the game at a pure profit. The game can be sold in selected stores as well as at Alpenfest and/or fair. Norm, Kris, AmySue and Lori volunteered to work on this committee.

The meeting was running long at this point, and it was decided not to do an ID activity this month.

Our monthly drawing was held. Six dollars was added by members to the pot on top of the six dollars rolled over from last meeting when Joy Walter was not present to win. Staci Brown was drawn as the winner. Staci was not present so the pot of $12 rolls over to next month.

Motion by Matt, second by AmySue to adjourn the meeting.

Norm lead us in adjourning the meeting with the Jaycee Creed.

Respectively Submitted:



Lori D. Dobosy


Gaylord Area Jaycees
PO Box 434
Gaylord, MI  49734