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Gaylord Area Jaycees
May 2002


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May 2002

Gaylord Area Jaycees

General Membership Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2002

President Lori called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.

Present: Lori Dobosy, Kristen Evans, Sally Kuzmik, Junior Jaycee, Danny Passingham, and guests Erin Eagling, Steve Erwin and Renee Suratt

Introductions were made and guests were welcomed. Erin works as branch manager of First Federal in Indian River. Steve works at Northern Michigan Kenworth and Renee is a teacher at the middle school.

Lori reported that due to family priorities, no newsletter was sent out in April. Lori also reported that a newsletter would come out in May. Since there was no newsletter, no secretarys report was printed to vote on. Lori then gave the treasurers report. Motion by Kris, second by Sally, to except the report as printed. All in favor. None opposed.

Moving into old business, Norm Cohrs was not present for a chairman of the board report.

President Lori reported that our last social was a success. Our next social will be May 17th from 9-11 PM at Tims Pub. Lori then turned the floor over to Kris who reported on ad sales for Gaylordopoly.

Kris reported that sales have been going well and that she and Traci have gotten a very positive response. However, they cannot sell all the ads themselves. It was the opinion of the group that we should go ahead with this project. Erin and Steve also volunteered to help sell ads.

Lori finished her report by letting the chapter know that 1st Quarter convention starts tomorrow at Treetops. Mariah, Kris, AmySue Groters and Lori are already registered. Matt Smith plans on coming in the evenings and Erin and Steve plan on coming Saturday night.

Management Development Vice President, Matt Smith, was not present. Lori reported she has secured us a web site, All we need to do is get software to load pages to the site. The site is free.

Lori reminded everyone that we still need to find someone to organize the garage sale. No motion was made.

IDVP, AmySue Groters, was not present. Lori reported that both she and Traci Klien, the former c0-chair and chair of the dance committee, were both unable to attend the next dance. Lori believed the next dance was scheduled for May 17th but she would check with Jen Crawford fore sure. Lori asked the group if someone was willing to run the dance or if we should not have a dance this month. Renee said she has dance experience and would help. Lori will confirm the date and email her the CPG so she can start planning. It was also noted that we need to have a minimum of 6 chaperones at the dance before the kids get there. If we do not, the doors cannot be opened. We did not have enough chaperones last dance and some damage was done to the community center.

Kris also reminded us that we need to send a thank you to Sue at Carters. The person responsible for getting the pop donation for the last dance did not do so. This meant that Kris had to go to Carters the day of the dance and get the donation. This was a very uncomfortable situation and doesnt look good on us as a chapter. Sue was a saint and came through for us despite the short notice.

Community Development VP, Mariah Passingham, reported on chapter shirts. She has contacted Bill and Kelly Combs. There would be an initial set up fee to scan our logo. After that, we can get polo-style shirts with an embroidered logo for $14 each for sizes up to XL. It will be an additional $2 for every additional X. The Combs also need two weeks notice to make the shirts. Mariah will contact the membership to see who would want to order.

Mariah also talked about the possibility of the Jaycees handing out water at the Starker-Mann Triathlon. She had called 6 different members and got more negative responses than positives so she decided to not proceed with the idea.

Membership VP, Traci Klien, was also unable to attend and had no report.

No new business was brought to the meeting for discussion.

Junior Jaycee, Danny Passingham, did an ID activity. He asked everyone his or her birthdays for a school report.

Our monthly drawing was held. Everyone put a dollar in the pot and Danny drew a name. The name drawn was Steve Erwin. Steve went home with $6.

Lori led the chapter in the Jaycee Creed.

Motion by Mariah, second by Sally to adjourn the meeting. All in favor. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM.

Respectively Submitted:



Lori D. Dobosy


Gaylord Area Jaycees
PO Box 434
Gaylord, MI  49734