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Gaylord Area Jaycees
September 2002


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September 2002

Gaylord Area Jaycees

General Membership Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2002

President Lori called the meeting to order at 7:15 PM.

Present: Alicia Conradson, Lori Dobosy, Renee Suratt

With the limited number of members, we had a very informal, information style meeting.

First off, Renee is Erin's maid-of-honor and has contact with her. She

promised to get with her about Gaylordopoly and I told her even if she has

nothing, that's great, we just need to know that.

Renee is VERY excited about upcoming dances. She said the school likes

that we have them as well because then they don't feel the need to and they

don't have to worry about them. Our committee has been set as chair: Jen

Crawford, committee: Traci and Renee. Jen would like to pull off a dance

in September is possible. She also is keen on the idea of having them the

same Friday each month. She will be contacting the CC early next week to

schedule. We also came up with the idea last night to have a community

type survey for the kids at the dance. If the kids complete the survey,

they will get a coupon for $1 off the admission to the next dance. The

survey will ask them things like if they think theme dances are a good

idea, what they would like to see at dances and what things they think our

community needs. A master CPG for dances has been written. It is

basically a fill in the date.

Both Alicia and Renee are excited to help with FFN. Renee is really bummed

because she has class the night of FFN, but she is more than willing to do what

she can before. It's scary, but FFN is coming up really fast.

We talked about socials and ID projects. Renee would love to see us go

horseback riding. She will be calling around to different places and

getting us info next week.

We also tried to plan a regular social and during that social, we would

like to do a 15 min or so ID on brainstorming. This brainstorming will

help next year's board in writing their chapter plan. Traci had mentioned

the coffee shop. We all though this was a great idea. Something different

from a bar. Not knowing when dances would be and FFN meetings, we couldn't

plan a date. Renee thought we could have a social/FFN meeting. Like work

on FFN then go out afterward. Lori will ask Traci since she is familiar with the

coffee shop if she would please find out if we could have a social there and

if there is a good night to come. We even thought like 7-9 on a week night

might not be bad, especially if there is music or something.

We also decided to pledge to become part of the Jaycees Homeland Security


Renee thinks we should have some type of rule about needing to attend

meetings and projects. She is going to be active and wants to see others

become more involved, not just pay their money.

Motion by Lori, second by Renee to adjourn the meeting. All in favor. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned 8:00 PM.

Respectively Submitted:



Lori D. Dobosy


Gaylord Area Jaycees
PO Box 434
Gaylord, MI  49734