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Gaylord Area Jaycees
Board Minutes - March 2002


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Gaylord Area Jaycees

Board Meeting Minutes

March 7, 2002

Lori called the meeting to order at 8:35 PM.

Present: Lori Dobosy, President; AmySue Groters, IDVP; Matt Smith, Management VP

Old business was started with a discussion on the middle school dance. There are some issues with chaperones and authority at the dances. AmySue volunteered to get a copy of the rules for chaperones from the Community Center. Matt has been looking for alternative locations but everything is too expensive. Matt will contact member Norm White who is also a firefighter about the cost of using the fire hall.

The St. Patricks Day parade was discussed at length in the GMM so there was no need of discussion in the board meeting.

Matt has been trying to contact Cheryl Jasman about the magic show Alpena puts on. Cheryls email has not been working so he will try calling her to get more information.

Moving on to new business, Lori presented a point standing for members. Each event or thing a member does to benefit the chapter receives a point value. Points are tallied each month. At the end of the quarter, points are tallied and a dollar value id given to each point. This money can be used for convention dues. Motion by Lori, second by AmySue to accept the point standing retroactive to January 1. All in favor. None opposed.

Lori expressed the need for some type of recruitment incentive. Suggestions were made like a free pizza fore getting a new member. The board will think about ideas and bring them to the next board meeting.

The chapter plan calls for a Conflict Management training this month. Lori will check with Beth Dipzinski to see if she does this type of training and Matt will check with his uncle who is a psychotherapist.

A parliamentary procedure training is also scheduled for this month. Lori will contact Paddy DuBois, Lori Pearson and Mr. Dutcher, all teachers who have taught government, to see if any of them are willing to talk to us.

Business presentations are scheduled for April. Lori will find the sample letter to send to businesses. AmySue thinks NPI would be a hot prospect for new members.

Halloween age limits are set to start in April. Matt will get with Wendi about making a community survey to see if there is interest ion the town before anyone takes the idea to city council.

We are also scheduled to have an ID project in April. Amy has a few ideas she is working on.

An M-Night is scheduled for April as well as a new member orientation. Membership VP, Traci was absent so discussion was placed on hold.

Motion by Lori, second by AmySue to adjourn the meeting. All in favor. None opposed.

Meeting adjourned 9:07 PM.

Respectfully Submitted:



Lori D. Dobosy



Gaylord Area Jaycees
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